CMBTC Applied Research and Targeted Projects

research1Canada has a long history of producing high-quality malting barley and malt that is recognized around the world. The CMBTC provides Canada’s malting barley value chain with vital quality evaluation and technical support services, employing our unique pilot and micro malting and brewing facilities, to create added value for the sector. As part of these services, the CMBTC conducts a variety of research activities on behalf of members and stakeholders to advance our understanding of the performance of malting barley in the malting and brewing processes and ensure Canadian malting barley is meeting the needs of end users.

The bulk of the research conducted at the CMBTC is applied research that directly supports the commercialization of Canadian malting barley including:

  • Malting and brewing trials with new Canadian malting barley varieties
  • The evaluation of quality characteristics of new varieties for different end-use applications (e.g. adjunct versus craft brewing)
  • Comparative analysis of malting and brewing properties of barley varieties from around the world

The CMBTC also conducts targeted research projects, often in collaboration with other organizations on behalf of the malting barley, malt and brewing industries. For more information on research at the CMBTC, please contact Dr. Yueshu Li, Director of Malting & Brewing Operations or Peter Watts, Managing Director.


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