Industry Technical Support

Industry Technical  Support

Many years of malting and brewing are highlighted by the extensive experience that the CMBTC staff provide for our stakeholders. The CMBTC carries out a number of activities and offers a variety of services to its members in the malting barley, malt and brewing industries.Activities

New crop quality assessment – Each year, the CMBTC collects samples of newly harvested malting barley from across the Prairies.   This new crop barley is processed in our micro and pilot scale malting and brewing systems and the analysis collated into an annual new crop report that provides an overview of new crop Canadian malting barley by variety. The report includes barley analysis, malt analysis and major brewing indicators including following:

New variety quality evaluation – The CMBTC works with breeders to evaluate new lines that reach collaborative trials.   Pilot scale malting barley brewing trials of new varieties are conducted after registration by the CFIA. The CMBTC is able to perform this testing on new varieties earlier than the commercial industry generating commercial quality results with 75 kg batches. The CMBTC works in concert with our members and customers, malting and brewing under their conditions with new varieties providing information several years ahead of potential commercialization. Quality data reports generated and shared with members and end-users.   Unique qualities and special processing attributes of new varieties identified and communicated to members and the industry.

Cargo Quality Control (CQC) program of CMBTC is a unique program that provides end-users with barley quality information, malthouse and brewhouse performance and economic data on the actual shipped cargo. Utilizing our pilot facilities, a composite of the loaded cargo is analyzed and the data is prepared before the cargo arrives at the end-user.

Trouble-shooting – The CMBTC provides hands-on technical support and trouble-shooting to our members and end-users. The staff from CMBTC can be on-site, anywhere in the world, within days to provide assistance with a problem or provide technical information. As buyers push more quality responsibilities back to the supplier, the CMBTC will become more valuable as “value-added” to the buyer.