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Tap into our extensive experience in malting and brewing. The Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre’s team provides invaluable support tailored to the malting barley, malt and brewing industries.

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At CMBTC, we’re committed to delivering comprehensive support to our members and the barley value chain. From analyzing malting barley to conducting brewing consultations, we’re here to assist you. Our services include:


New crop quality assessment: Each year, our team collects samples of newly harvested malting barley from across the prairies. Processed in our state-of-the-art facilities, we compile comprehensive analysis reports, offering valuable insights into the quality of Canadian malting barley by variety.

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New variety quality evaluation: Collaborating with breeders, we conduct pilot-scale malting and brewing trials to evaluate new barley varieties. Our detailed reports highlight unique characteristics and processing attributes long before commercialization.

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Cargo Quality Control (CQC) program: Gain comprehensive barley quality information and performance data with our CQC program. We analyze loaded cargo samples in our pilot facilities, providing valuable insights for end-users.

Troubleshooting: Our experienced staff offers hands-on technical support to members and end-users worldwide. With rapid response times, we address problems or provide technical information promptly, especially as buyers increasingly delegate more quality responsibilities to suppliers.

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