Canada is one of the world’s largest producers and suppliers of malting barley and malt to the global market place.   In 2014-15, the CMBTC estimates that grain handlers and malt companies selected over 2 million tonnes of Canadian malting barley for sales to domestic and export markets. According to Statistics Canada data, Canada exported 1.1 million tonnes of malting barley worth CDN $381 million, and 600,000 tonnes of malt worth CDN $418 million in 2014-15 (July/June). Domestically Canadian brewers use about 230,000 tonnes of malt per year to make 18.5 million hectoliters of beer.

Overall the malting barley, malt and brewing industries contribute significantly to the Canadian economy typically generating over CDN $1 billion annually in direct sales alone from domestic and international markets.   The Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre provides support to the malting barley value chain to assist the Canadian industry in the supplying high-quality product to the global malting and brewing sectors.


Canada’s national, independent barley industry association providing technical & marketing support to the value chain.


CMBTC drives global demand for Canada’s premium quality barley and malt through its expertise as a trusted, independent marketing and technical services solution-provider.


In collaboration with our partners, enable success throughout Canada’s barley supply chain through leadership, technical services, marketing support, and training & education.



-Advanced technical capacity & expertise;

Market intelligence;

Customer knowledge & relations;

Grower support services;

Training & Education.

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