Crop Progress Report — July 6, 2020

The forecasted rain event for the weekend of June 27/28th came to fruition with some regions getting badly required rainfall, such as the Regina, Weyburn, Moosimim region, while some received a little extra moisture than was required. One region, the Brandon area, was totally inundated by torrential rainfall, receiving 200mm ( 8 inches ) in […]

Crop Progress Report — June 22, 2020

Farmers have finished another spring seeding season. Now we are officially in summer and will concentrate on monitoring the barley crop growth and development. What the Prairies require going forward is warmer temperatures to propel crop growth. In the last two weeks, parts of the Prairies received additional precipitation and for most it was beneficial, however for some […]

Crop Progress Report — June 9, 2020

While the forecast had been for drenching rains to cover the Prairies over last weekend and early into this week, in the end the rain did arrive but to lesser amounts than had been forecast. Precipitation amounts varied from trace amounts to 50mm ( 2 inches ) in Saskatoon, Outlook and Lloydminster and a high of 60mm […]

Crop Progress Report — June 1, 2020

In the last week of May, seeding was in full swing as farmers rushed to get the remainder of their crops in. Seeding progress should have surpassed the 90% point on the Prairies this past week. The last 10% for some areas will be a struggle as wet conditions are delaying seeding efforts. There maybe some acres […]

Crop Progress Report — May 26, 2020

Farmers are fully immersed in the last push to get their crops seeded this week. Most farm operators will be hustling to complete their seeding program by the end of May, no one wants to finish seeding in June if it can be avoided. For the majority of farmers, they will finish planting their crops this week. Alberta just […]

Crop Progress Report — May 19, 2020

WESTERN CANADA After a slow start, seeding activity has advanced well this past week across the Prairies. Most regions had fallen behind the five-year average but were making good strides in closing the gap. It has been a challenging spring for a segment of the farmers; some had unharvested acres to combine, many had wet fields and […]

CMBTC Crop Progress Report — July 27, 2020

Crops across the Canadian Prairies continue to look good and in some regions excellent. The only point of concern is the lateness of a majority of the crop due to lack of heat units which has pushed back crop development one week to ten days later than normal. In some areas there are concerns over disease […]

Malting Barley Market Outlook for 2020-21

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted markets and has the potential to negatively impact supply chains. The following offers some perspective on prospects for malting barley and malt demand in 2020/21 in light of the potential contraction in the global brewing sector. The world’s malting and brewing industries are facing some very challenging circumstances in light […]

Hazed and Confused

By Andrew Nguyen In the past, unless you were making a very specific style of beer that was intentionally hazy, like a wit bier, North Americans sought to make their domestic beers crystal clear, a sign of quality. However with the growth in the craft beer market, we are seeing more beer that is intentionally […]

2020 Seeding Considerations

CMBTC 2020 Seeding Considerations/Recommendations After a difficult harvest in 2019, the CMBTC has an number of recommendations for farmers planning to grow malting barley in 2020: 2020 Seeding Buy certified seed to improve your chances of achieving malt: Certified seed will generally reduce incidence of disease, and increase evenness of germination and crop uniformity. Varietal […]

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