Market News  – Both Russia and Argentina currently have barley export taxes in place. Russia increased its tax this week from US$31 to $35.30 per tonne on barley. In Argentina, the export taxes are US $36 on malting barley and $32.40 for feed barley. – In its Sep. 10 report, the USDA estimated 2021-22 global barley carry out […]

2021 Canadian Barley Harvest & Quality Update

Written November 8, 2021 The 2021 barley harvest in western Canada was largely wrapped up by the end of September this year, with the exception of a few areas such as the Peace which were completed in October.  By all accounts 2021 was one of the worst growing seasons in a generation with dismal results […]

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Barley Market Perspective

Global Barley Report – September 15, 20212021 PRODUCTION & SUPPLY Argentina: After a very dry period, recent rains in Argentina have boosted crop prospects. Local Argentine analysts are now forecasting 4.5-4.8 mln tonnes of barley output. Australia: Despite smaller seeded area in Australia (down approx. 5%), a good growing season has barley output projections rising with the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABARES) […]

Harvest Progress Report – Sept. 3, 202

September 3, 2021 – Crop conditions in Western Canada deteriorated through July and August due to severe drought which affected crop growth and development. Now rainfall is creating more concerns as farmers harvest their crops. The combination of drought and now wet harvest weather in some regions have significantly affected the size and quality of the western Canadian […]

Crop Progress Report – June 24, 2021

WESTERN CANADA Decent rains in the first two weeks of June benefitted the crops and provided temporary relief to regions that were dry. The dry conditions through many parts of the Prairies have been a major concern this growing season. Now the Prairies will see hot dry weather accompanied by windy conditions for the remainder […]

Crop Progress Report – June 8, 2021

The rains at the end of May were welcome on the Prairies, with the amounts ranging from 25 cm (1 inch) to 100 cm (4 inches). The month of May was truly variable when it came to temperatures with daytime highs reaching  30°C and corresponding night time temperatures in the low single digits. There were also frost scares, but fortunately the cereals survived without significant damage. Now June is coming in hot and dry in many […]

Crop Progress Report – May 21, 2021

This report may not be reproduced or redistributed in whole or in part without permission of the Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre.   Significant seeding progress has been made across the Prairies, this past week. As most of the West was dry and there have not been many interruptions to slow farmers from planting the crop. […]

Crop Progress Report May 7, 2021

This report may not be reproduced or redistributed in whole or in part without permission of the Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre.   General seeding has begun in most of the prairies, and although the conditions have not been ideal, farmers were eager to commence the seeding season. A large portion of the West lacks moisture and the temperatures remain below […]

Global Beer Industry Update

2020 was a difficult year for the global brewing industry. While estimates vary, there is general agreement that world beer production was down between 7-10% this past year. Certain regions were particularly hard hit such as Africa, Asia and Europe with output drops in the order of 10-15%, while North and South America fared better […]

Crop Protection Update

The plant growth regulator chlormequat chloride (Manipulator) has been updated to Yellow/Be Informed under Keep it Clean for use on all Barley in Canada (malt, feed and food).   Malting barley had previously been classified as yellow. This classification is a signal to producers to check with their grain buyers before using Manipulator on barley to […]

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