Malting Technology

The CMBTC has malting facilities capable of processing from 250 g – 100 kg of barley using any specified malting regime. The plant is equipped to simulate commercial malting conditions and is able to duplicate conditions from around the world including different types of commercial malting systems.


The CMBTC malting plant consists of:

  • Joe White Micro-Malting Unit
    (250 g – 1 kg samples, up to 20 samples at a time)
  • One HDP Pilot Malting plant consisting of:
    • One Steeping Vessel capacity up to 100 kg
    • One Germination Vessel capacity up to 100 kg
    • One Kiln capacity up to 100 kg
    • One Unimalter which can carry out steeping, germinating  and kilning in the same vessel. Alternatively, it can be used  as a second germination vessel.

Key Activities

  • Assess the quality and performance of new  crop Canadian malting barley annually
  • Assess the suitability of Canadian malting  barley varieties in different malting processes
  • Evaluate the commercial viability of new  Canadian barley varieties
  • Provide technical support, information and assistance to  customers of Canadian barley
  • Evaluate alternative malting processes to  enhance the performance of Canadian  malting barley
  • Develop and deliver technical programs for domestic and  international customers of Canadian malting barley

Malting Technology Overview  (PDF)