May 29, 2017

Seeding across the Prairies has advanced rapidly in the past two weeks after a very slow start.  However while southern Saskatchewan and Alberta have virtually completed seeding, further north the story is very different with continued wet conditions limiting field work. In southern Alberta barley seeding was 87% complete as of May 23rd, but only 16% complete in the north east.  Overall cereals were 57% seeded in Alberta as of May 23 compared with the 5 year average of 83%.  The situation in similar in Saskatchewan where cereal seeding was 80% complete in the southwest as of May 22 but only 25% in the northeast.  The majority of crops are either at or behind normal developmental stages for this time of year.  Seeding is almost finished in Manitoba with about 90% of cultivated acres seeded with many growers are already done.