The highlights of the past two weeks include firming European barley values due to concerns over disease pressure from continued rains.  Meanwhile Western Canada received very timely rains and warm weather to advance crops toward an optimistic outcome. Australian barley areas have mostly received good rains with the exception of South Queensland and Northern New […]

Global Barley Crop Conditions Update

Growing conditions in the world’s major barley producing countries continue to be generally good.  Some areas (Western Europe and Argentina) have actually been too wet but Western Canada has received very timely rains over the past two weeks which has vastly improved conditions.   Markets continue to be generally quiet with limited forward selling of […]

Prairie seeding almost complete

Crop seeding is nearing completion across the Canadian Prairies.  After very dry conditions through April and early May, subsequent rains provided much needed moisture, encouraging planting and now helping with germination and emergence.  As of May 31st, seeding is now over 95% complete in both Alberta and Manitoba, a little ahead of average in both […]

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Crop Conditions Update

Current conditions in the world’s major barley growing areas are generally good with the exception of the western portion of the Canadian prairies.  Markets are generally quiet with steady Chinese (premium beer) demand for high quality Australian malting barley (and Canadian if available) but stocks are very limited. Australian barley areas vary from being too […]

Malting barley supplies tight in Australia & Canada

Malting barley supplies in Australia are relatively tight this year given smaller than average selection rates from the 2015 crop. A dry, hot finish during last year’s harvest negatively impacted crop quality.  Currently conditions are quite dry in Australia which may favour barley plantings over other crops such as canola. In Canada there will be […]

Canada barley seeded area set to rise again in 2016

Barley seeded area in Canada is projected to grow by 3.8% according to Statistics Canada’s March 2016 Principal field crop areas, based on a producer survey and released on April 21. Producers intend to seed 6.78 mln acres (2.74 mln ha) compared with 6.53 mln acres (2.64 mln ha) in 2015.  This follows an 11% […]

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Canada en route to doing 1 million tonnes of barley to China this year China imported a record 8.3 million tonnes (mln T) of barley in 2014-15, 4.9 mln T from Australia and 895,000 tonnes (T) from Canada, while most of the balance came from France. However the majority of the barley imports were feed […]