Malting & Brewing Industry News


Oct 19 – theYYSCENE: New England-style beers are making the Alberta market cloudy

Oct 17 – IP: Giving Alberta beer a local Penholder taste

Oct 13 – CBC: B.C. agriculture minister looks to help craft breweries

Oct 5 – TorontoStar: How spent grain, used to make beer, gets repurposed

Sep 28 – BBJ: Boston Beer dismisses acquisition rumors

Sep 28 – Sunoco barley malting operation up and running in Oswego County

Sep 28 – MailOnline: From the university of the extremely obvious . . . drinking beer can make you happy, researchers claim

Aug 9 – BBC: Goat’s Milk beer chosen as Britain’s champion

Aug 9 – Paste: Check Out China’s Craft Beer Pioneers


Oct 2 – TheStreet: Here Are the 10 Most Popular Oktoberfest Beers in the U.S.

Aug 22 – TMV: The Science Behind the Perfect Brew

Aug 10 – AdAge: Bud Light is the Antidote to ‘Overwhelming’ Craft Beer Selection, Says Bud Light

Jul 4 – BI: 7 of the most common myths about beer, debunked

Apr 26 – Wired: You Want Better Beer? Good. Here’s a Better Barley Genome

Apr 7 – NYT: Is it last call for craft beer?

Apr 3 – RT: Good Libations: Malt is the essential beer ingredient

Mar 28 – BA: Steady growth for small and independent brewers

March 15 – BA: Brewers Association Releases Top 50 Breweries of 2016

Dec 19 – BA: The Evolution of Barley, Malt, and Beer Flavor

Mar 8 – TotalAles: The Malt Profile – Malt & Barley Blues

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