Malting Barley Market Outlook for 2020-21

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted markets and has the potential to negatively impact supply chains. The following offers some perspective on prospects for malting barley and malt demand in 2020/21 in light of the potential contraction in the global brewing sector. The world’s malting and brewing industries are facing some very challenging circumstances in light […]

Hazed and Confused

By Andrew Nguyen In the past, unless you were making a very specific style of beer that was intentionally hazy, like a wit bier, North Americans sought to make their domestic beers crystal clear, a sign of quality. However with the growth in the craft beer market, we are seeing more beer that is intentionally […]

2020 Seeding Considerations

CMBTC 2020 Seeding Considerations/Recommendations After a difficult harvest in 2019, the CMBTC has an number of recommendations for farmers planning to grow malting barley in 2020: 2020 Seeding Buy certified seed to improve your chances of achieving malt: Certified seed will generally reduce incidence of disease, and increase evenness of germination and crop uniformity. Varietal […]

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Canada Barley Update

In 2019 Canada harvested its largest barley crop since 2008 at 10.4 million tonnes (MT), a remarkable increase of 24% over the 2018 crop of 8.4 MT, the result of a 12% increase in barley seeded area last Spring combined with a 12% yield bump.  In spite of the bigger crop, the extraordinarily wet harvest […]

A reminder to farmers: check your bins!

 The difference between feed and malt can be $1.50/bushel or more! With the challenging 2019 harvest behind us (at least for most) an important consideration for farmers with malting barley this winter will be properly storing and monitoring the grain to ensure quality does not deteriorate. Even barley that did not appear chitted at harvest […]

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